CONSVERGE: Converging the Expert Network ecosystem


CONSVERGE: Converging the Expert Network ecosystem

Consverge is an Expert Network and Research Insight Aggregator that blends a unified experience with a design-led AI framework to curate valuable business intelligence

The value of insight is extremely high – and mining the right human insight is even higher.

With the advent of technology and innovative service offerings, the Investment Research Industry has witnessed an era of change in the recent past. This industry works under tight deadlines to produce results and implement well-thought-out strategies to boost operational productivity and client morale – ‘as a result, there is a constant need to improve market intelligence that is derived from human insights.’

The art of gaining consumer trust needs something more than theories and lengthy content. In keeping with this, the Consverge’s theory is to deliver certainty rather than speculation. We are determined to deliver the best customer experience, speed, quality, agility, transparency, compliance, pricing, and every factor our stakeholders can think of!

Consverge’s design-led front-end engineered platform helps clients better accomplish their business goals by giving them a strategic advantage in making well-informed choices, which translates into better business decisions on a global scale. The framework aims to make primary research more accessible across multiple expert networks while eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Here to positively disrupt, the platform is suited for Consultants, Analysts, Investors, Strategists, Advisors and decision makers across Hedge funds, Private equity, other Financial markets, Management consultants and Corporates.

This article explains our research-based approach to our service capabilities in greater detail.

Let’s find out how!

Service Assurance:

Consverge operates on a hybrid business model to provide convenient access to one of the world’s largest expert network portfolios (In the marketplace, there are over 140 different expert networks). Consverge aspires to be a market leader as an innovative RaaS (Research as a Service) network provider by facilitating holistic consulting experiences with trusted industry leaders.

Diverse Presence:

Consverge’s strategic market position is owed to its partnerships with Expert Networks worldwide, across The Americas, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, India, Asia, the Far East and Australasia. We help businesses save considerable time and money by providing reliable access to personalised, pre-screened experts through a business model that connects with hard-to-reach subject matter experts across diverse industries to help them take informed decisions.

Client experience that is Exclusive and Assistive:

Consverge’s carefully crafted blend of human and AI technology seeks to provide the best customer experience possible through skilled network services delivered via an integrated end-to-end project management system. From holistically addressing client needs to executing a smooth project: scheduling, messaging, monitoring & analysis, exchanging insights, transcription and much more.

Consverge’s model takes businesses on a journey to obtain integrated intelligent Human insights and research results, backed by a design-led AI platform, a balance that other expert network models lack. In other words, a conventional AI-driven ‘Aggregator’ system lacks the much-needed personal guidance and assistance that this aggregated model offers.

Continuous Upgradation:

A focused approach to collecting and analyzing customer feedback leads to successfully modulated customer experience. Consverge, through its post-sale services, continuously engages with clients to understand their changing requirements and subsequently keep upgrading its deliverables. We understand sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Consverge places high priority on resolving issues and offering communicative solutions to our stakeholders. We do not discriminate or undervalue our services based on the project’s scope, budget, or deadline.

Transcribed Conversations:

Consverge’s platform includes a built-in conferencing system for secure communications, as well as a secure transcript library for our client’s future reference.

Privacy and Data Protection:

The expert network marketplace has been subjected to a serious and strict regulatory system as a result of its notorious history (with internal trading and privacy breaches). We are fully aware of the sensitivity and privacy of information exchanged on the web. As a result, Consverge is adamant about its security policies and is working to become ISO 27001-2013 accredited, as well as other important enforcement criteria, in order to protect our stakeholders’ sensitive information.

Transforming Expertise into Transparency:

Consverge aspires to achieve a reputation for providing the best customer service. Clients and specialist Expert Network partners may use the Expert Network Aggregator services to achieve their business goals without signing exclusivity agreements or jeopardising their existing relationships.

Connect Today

Consverge is based in London and has a global presence. We currently have offices in London and Mumbai.

To learn more, you can register on our platform or reach us at:

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