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Modern Waterproofing and Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. With nearly 20 years of professional waterproofing and decoration engineering experience, it has been providing professional services to all sectors of the society and is deeply trusted by customers, and has repeatedly received many special letters of praise.

We are a one-stop professional waterproofing engineering company recognized by the government, providing professional waterproofing engineering assessment and careful analysis for each customer, and properly completing water seepage, leakage and waterproofing works. The company has provided high-quality waterproof engineering services for the following categories of customers over the years. Schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, social welfare organizations, private housing estates and property management companies., with professional waterproof engineering technology, will be meticulous in the details of each decoration project, solve waterproof and leak-proof problems for customers, and ensure that the entire 防水工程 is completed carefully and thoroughly.Please Click here and visit us in our website for more details.

One-stop quality service:

On-site inspection, quotation, construction, follow-up, maintenance and repair.
Our professionals are our engineering team and never outsource.
Large and small sky waterproof project
Building Exterior Repair/Renovation
Concrete injection grouting decoration project
Window frame leak-proof and waterproof engineering
Lift trough bottom waterproofing works
Water storage tank leak-proof decoration project
Professional instrument testing and inspection

(Customers are welcome to inquire about the price, we are happy to provide customers with professional advice and solutions to solve leakage)

Professional waterproofing engineering, decoration engineering, building exterior wall maintenance, service hotline: 852 – 2690 9406

Tel: 852 – 2690 9406 / WhatsApp: 5519 1236 / Fax: 852 – 2690 9421


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